On Tuesday 07 May 2002 09:01, David Freeman wrote:
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>  > D'oh!  You're right, I went back and checked php.ini and
>  > found upload_max_filesize but it's already set to 200M, I'm
>  > assuming that means 200 MegaBytes.  So I don't think that's
>  > the problem.  I don't have the hidden tag set in the page
>  > code so that shouldn't be a factor either, right? I'm a real
>  > rooky at php programming.
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>  >
>  > <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2048000">
> You actually _need_ that hidden tag set AFAIK.

I'm curious, I keep seeing people say that that tag is /necessary/, but I've 
never had to use it in the upload forms that I've built and they work just 
fine in Opera, NN & IE. 

Can anyone explain /why/ it's needed? 

AFAICT from the manual that tag is only to advise the browser to limit the 
size of the file being uploaded, nothing to suggest that the absence of the 
tag would prevent uploading. But if that was indeed the case then what 
browsers does it affect?

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