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 > I'm curious, I keep seeing people say that that tag is 
 > /necessary/, but I've never had to use it in the upload forms 
 > that I've built and they work just fine in Opera, NN & IE. 

Good question.  To be honest it's been a while since I looked, I built a
file upload function as part of a standard set of functions that I
include in projects and then stopped worrying about it.  As a result
it's been a some time since I looked at that sort of thing.  I recall
including it for a reason but don't exactly recall the reason.

 > AFAICT from the manual that tag is only to advise the 
 > browser to limit the size of the file being uploaded, 
 > nothing to suggest that the absence of the 
 > tag would prevent uploading.

I guess that anything that causes this sort of thing to happen on the
browser is going to help.  I know I'd be fairly unimpressed if I sat
waiting for a 2MB file to upload only to find that the limit is 1.5MB or
some such.  At least if a client-side limit is given the browser can do
something about it.

Not that I actually recall testing that either - I've so far only used
file upload capabilities on intranet projects where I have fully
switched 100MB and the like.

CYA, Dave

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