> I think the OP has already looked at it, and wanted something 
> better :)

Yes, that's right, but I'm not saying dbg isn't good, I just said is 
too much complicated (AFAIK):
-Must have a listener running
-Use COM to interface with it
-User installation too hard:
 Change php.ini to load the extension
 Keep track of the php version and the extension version

I really like the Komodo solution, just copy a dll and it changes the 
php.ini for you. But I still must keep track of the PHP version.

It would be nice that php itself incoporates a system to debug php 
programs, like in PHP 3, in that way a development tool for php would 
be enabled to debug modifying the php.ini with debug.enabled=true and 
listening to a port. The system will work on any php distribution 
because will be part of php itself. Why the debugger was removed from 
PHP 3?


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