> My problem is that for one page in the site I need to 
 > display a image in the navigation bar that is referenced 
 > from a database.  The database query happens in the included 
 > file which is below the navigation in the html - This means 
 > i cant reference the image file name because the query hasnt 
 > happened.

I suspect that in the end any tricks you play will be just that -
tricks.  If you require certain information to properly render a
particular part of the page then you should really generate that
information before you render that part of the page.  Perhaps using a
function to extract the image you need as part of your navigation will

 > Or  can I use some tricky javascript?

I don't really know enough javascript to give a full answer but it's you
might get away with having some sort of place-holder image (single pixel
transparent gif perhaps) set up and then use an event of some sort to
change it to the image you really wanted (not sure if an onload() type
function would work here or if you'd have to do something else though).

Check some javascript resources to look into that - I like www.irt.org
myself for that sort of thing.

CYA, Dave

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