List Peters wrote:

> <html>
> <body>
> navigation
> <?php include file depending on url?>
> <body>
> </html>
> In the include file I have all the code i need.
> My problem is that for one page in the site I need to display a image in the
> navigation bar that is referenced from a database.  The database query
> happens in the included file which is below the navigation in the html -
> This means i cant reference the image file name because the query hasnt
> happened.

Well, either write the sql code twice, or could break out all your 
database queries into functions which you then put in a php file (say 
db_funs.php). Now require("db_functions.php") at the top of your file 
and call the get_navbar_image () when you need it. You also need to 
require("db_functions.php") in the "include file depending on url" file.

The general philisophy is thus to put all programming logic which you
use more than once in separate functions which you include.

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