Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> That's just not the case.  The debugger in PHP 3 would not work at all in
> PHP 4 and would need a complete rewrite.  So, being cynical you might say
> that someone should have written a debugger for PHP 4 and the fact that
> nobody did was the conspiracy, but it makes no sense to say it was removed
> for conspiracy reasons.  I mean if the PHP 3 debugging code worked with
> PHP 4, then you could just take the code from PHP 3 and use it.  It's not
> like it is deleted from CVS.

I'll stand corrected on that.  I'd not looked at the code closely enough 
to know if there were major compatibility problems.

Are there any movements to get things like the stack trace module and 
the Russian dbg debugger module into the standard PHP distribution?

If there was at least some links on the PHP.net site, that would help
people to know they're available.

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