hi everyone,

This is my first project with php after using cold fusion for the last few
years!  So far I have been pretty happy with php, but I have a problem with
my application logic (not a php problem, but hoping for a sexy solution.)

I am using a template system and including different content files depending
on URL parameters.


<?php include file depending on url?>

In the include file I have all the code i need.

My problem is that for one page in the site I need to display a image in the
navigation bar that is referenced from a database.  The database query
happens in the included file which is below the navigation in the html -
This means i cant reference the image file name because the query hasnt

So is it possible to specify in the included file that some php proccessing
happens before anything else?

Or  can I use some tricky javascript?

Or is there a cool php trick to do something like this?

Does anyone have any ideas?


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