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> HI miguel,
> thanks for your answer.
> I was hoping i could do something like you suggested.  Cold Fusion has a tag
> called <cfhtmlhead> that will include anything within the <head> tags.  You
> can call this function even on the last line of your php template.  I used
> this a lot.
> Has anyone written a function like this?  I tried searching but couldnt find
> anything.
> thanks
> chad
> > What I'd do is change your include()d template to wrap a function around
> > the <HTML><BODY> stuff. Then you can call it once you have enough
> > information available, and pass in any variable elements like the name of
> > that rotating image. This will make your templating a whole lot more
> > flexible (you can now specify the <TITLE> on each page, for instance).
> >
> > miguel

Maybe you could incorporate output buffering to achieve your goal?

David Robley
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