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> How very sad. It's not new - I've seen things like this on many lists and
> newsgroups. Apparently it is easier for people to be sarcastic and give a
> flippant RTFM response than to actually help people. The only list I've
> seen that actually treated newcomers with a bit of respect in most cases
> WinDev.
> Here's an example of what a good answer would have been:
> "MySQL databases aren't single files like other types. They're like
> directories with files as tables.
> PHP itself can create a database, take a look at mysql_connect(),
> mysql_query() and the CREATE DATABASE SQL action."
> See? It gives the answer, involves no sarcasm or mockery, and above all,
> actually HELPS the OP.
> But no... being a smart-ass is easier, right?
> The trouble with wise guys like these is that they assume:
> 1) That the OP has not bothered to try to find the answer.
> We're not all geniuses, we can't all think laterally all the time, we
> all come up with the right way of finding the answer. For the record, I
> _did_ look online using Google and _did_ look around the PHP manual, but
> unlucky enough not to end up on the route that shows mysql_create_db(). My
> misfortune.
> 2) That the OP already knows the answer.
> Coming from a number of other programming languages where it is not
> to create a database programmatically, it is natural to assume that the
> might be true of PHP. Had I known that PHP could create it from scratch, I
> would not have needed to deal with this pathetic situation. But I didn't
> know, so I stupidly thought that I might get some help from a list
> pretending to help people trying to program in PHP.
> Obviously, I was wrong. Also my misfortune.
> Don't bother responding, I have left the list. Plenty of places where
> are actually willing to help.
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