> Also, if a person doesn't _know_ that PHP can create a 
 > database for you, how would they know that somewhere in the 
 > list of PHP functions is the answer to the problem? It would 
 > be foolish to expect someone to read the _whole_ of the 
 > documentation on MySQL or PHP just to see if there is such a 
 > thing, there's just too much of it.

With respect, CRAP!  If you're serious about your trade then you owe it
to yourself to learn about it.  OK, here's what I've just done - not
that I didn't have better things to do but anyway...

1.  Load up www.php.net - you know it exists, you're programming in php
after all.

2.  Click on the funky little 'documentation' link in the top right hand
side - it's also pretty easy to find.

3.  Select your format - in my case, I chose to view online and the
english version.  I suspect this is also an easy decision that doesn't
involve the massive weight of "there's just too much of it".

4.  Hmm, I want to do something related to mysql... Section IV of the
manual is "Function Reference" and section LXII is "MySQL Functions" -
still no real work involved here.

5.  Somewhere about half way down that page is a list of all relevant
functions.  One of them is mysql_create_db - Well!  Look at that!  Might
help me out if I read the function explanation.

 -- OR --

Find out how to do it in pure MySQL - that would be done by reading the
MySQL manual which is also available online.  I'll admit that I've often
found the mysql offering a little harder to navigate but I always seem
to manage to find what I'm looking for.

If you're serious about it, do some research about it.  At least come
back to a high volume list being able to say something about what you've
tried instead of asking others to do your research (thinking?) for you.

Sorry if you're affronted by this but learning to use your chosen tools
is part of the job.

CYA, Dave

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