David Freeman said:

> From memory, you also have a few php commands that will help - why not
> consult your local friendly php manual in the section under mysql
> commands for choices and information.

Jason Wong:

>The problem is that you haven't read the (mysql) manual. Either read the
>manual or search out (and read) the numerous tutorials that are available.

    to be fair, it is customary to get all the tools and other preparations
(including necessary files) ready before embarking on a project. Thus, it is
logical to get a blank database ready before beginning. Why read yards of
documentation before you even have something to practice on as you go? I
didn't try reading the PHP manual before I was able to run PHP scripts
somewhere, so I don't try reading the MySQL manual before having a database
to work on.

Also, if a person doesn't _know_ that PHP can create a database for you, how
would they know that somewhere in the list of PHP functions is the answer to
the problem? It would be foolish to expect someone to read the _whole_ of
the documentation on MySQL or PHP just to see if there is such a thing,
there's just too much of it.

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o o    Jason Teagle

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