Quite frequently on this list and others there are questions where it is
obvious that the manual or list archives have not been searched. Heck, some
of these are cross posted to many lists where the sender may think that they
will get relevant information. On the MySQL list the footer even has this...

Before posting, please check:
   http://www.mysql.com/manual.php   (the manual)
   http://lists.mysql.com/           (the list archive)

But some have never, ever read it. The PHP list does not have anything in
its footer about searching the PHP archives or http://www.php.net, but it is
said so often that it should be common sense.

Maybe those things should be at the top of the e-mail.

There is a wide range of users out there, from absolute novice (where we all
were once) up to supreme-ruler-of-the-(insert language/database/systems
name)-universe. Novices may need to be gently reminded to search the
archives and/or documentation and/or FAQ (after all, the same questions come
up every week, and anyone who has subscribed to any list like this knows
what questions will be posed this week).

So I have an idea... :0

Should we request that there be a list for intermediate/advanced users
seperate from the general list? Those at the intermediate (and above) stage
could monitor the general list and help newbies, while having a list where
it is understood that persons thereon would have a more than passing
knowledge of the subject matter.

You may flame me now...


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