on 25/06/02 5:50 PM, Jean-Christian Imbeault ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> Maybe my message was too vague but what I meant is that my designers
> will come up with the site layout, colours, graphics etc ... I want them
> to be able to do all their work without thinking about any programming.

Why can't you specify them to make comments to <!--insert php code-->, or
better still specify which file to include with


> If they want to make a page that lists in a table all the documents we
> have from 1999-2001, then they can can do this easily without worrying
> about me.

Yes, but things like sessions, form validation, etc will require more
indepth scripts, possibly with thing in the headers, and much more
conditional style pages with lots of if()'s.

> And just as importantly I can code the scripts that will generate the
> table without worrying that maybe in the future the layout will change.

ask them to write an include statement at the point where your table needs
to appear.

> So I how can I do this? i.e. if the designers want to change the
> background colour on one page how can they do this without coming to seem?

See my other post on this topic... have a set of predefined variables which
both you and they have access to, and include this set of vars on every
page... these can be for the colour pallet, font tags, and all sorts of
other stuff which can be changed centrally (once) by modifying the config
file, affecting all templated pages.

You need to sit down and figure out what you want to give them access to,
and try to define these as variables.

<? // general_config.php


$colBg = "#FFFFFF";
$colText = "#FFCC99";
$colLink = "#EEEEEE";
$colComplimentary = "#CC6600";

$fontHeading = "<FONT class=\"heading\" face=\"verdana, arial\"

$fontBody = "<FONT class=\"body\" face=\"verdana, arial\" size=\"2\"

$fontCopyright = "<FONT class=\"copyright\" face=\"verdana, arial\"
size=\"1\" color=\"{$ colComplimentary}\">";


The calling in HTML code might be:

<? include('inc/general_config.php'); ?>
    <BODY bgcolor="<?=$colBg?>" text="<?=$colText?>" link="<?=$colLink?>">
    <?=$fontHeading?>My Heading</FONT><BR>
    <?=$fontBody?>The main body text</FONT><BR><BR>
    <?=$fontCopyright?>Copyright me 2002</FONT>

They can change the config file as many times as they want!

Justin French

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