John Holmes wrote:
>>Wouldn't you ultimately be better off moving most of this sort of
> thing
>>into style sheets and then have the designers play with the style
> sheets
> Sure, if all they are doing is playing with fonts, colors, sizes, etc...
> What if your designer wants to change from a two column table to a four
> column table. Or change the menu from a vertical column on the left to a
> horizontal row on the bottom that's run by images instead of text. 

Theoretically this could still be done only with editing of the 
stylesheet.  Of course, it's not that simple - Mozilla comes closest to 
decent browser support for that sort of radical change, and even it's 
not there yet.

> Do you trust your designer to do all that and not mess up any of your
> PHP code that's thrown in with the HTML? That's why you use templates...

Actually, I think the idea behind what the previous poster was saying is 
a) with stylesheets they don't need to touch the HTML once they've 
finished with it (and handed it over to you for PHP work)
b) you therefore won't need templates

Mark Gallagher

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