> >>Wouldn't you ultimately be better off moving most of this sort of
 > > thing
 > >>into style sheets and then have the designers play with the style
 > > sheets instead?

 > > What if your designer wants to change from a two column 
 > table to a four column table. Or change the menu from a vertical
column on 
 > the left to a horizontal row on the bottom that's run by images
instead of text. 

 > Actually, I think the idea behind what the previous poster 
 > was saying is that:
 > a) with stylesheets they don't need to touch the HTML once they've 
 > finished with it (and handed it over to you for PHP work)
 > b) you therefore won't need templates

Mostly my original comment above was in relation to someone's response
where they said they had defined a whole stack of variables for each
file (eg. $fontMain, $fontCopyright and so on) and my point was
specifically in relation to that.  Certainly, for layout and other
aspects a style sheet is not the whole solution but when it comes to
display elements such as fonts and colours I'd have to say that it _IS_
the solution.

CYA, Dave

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