Chris Hewitt wrote:
> >>Can you use exim to send mail from the console? Is sympatcio allowing this?
> >>
> >Sympatico allows it but I can't do it (I used to have another
> >box that did this but it got hacked and pretty much destroyed...)
> >
> One quick test is to set up an email client (Netscape whatever) to talk
> to sympatico's smtp server directly (leaving out your exim server). If
> you can send mail from this then permissions to send are OK, and we look
> around the Exim configuration.

I have several Windows machines behind the firewall too which
are able to do this so it must be Exim's configuration.

> >>You may have to configure exim to use sympatico's SMTP server. (It's been
> >>so long since I've done that I forget how, and it was a real trial and
> >>error approach.)
> >>
> >I don't think I have to use their SMTP server. My old one (which used
> >Sendmail itself rather than Exim) was set up to act as it's own
> >SMTP server and worked well. I wish it hadn't been hacked *cries*
> >
> True, but you will need one that allows you to connect. As I'm on a
> dialup line here, I use my isp's servers in case I'm not on line
> (receiving) and to save me the time in connecting directly to the
> recipient (sending). As you are behind a firewall, your host name will
> probably not be resolvable and that may have a problem. 

I think my host does resolve properly because if you type
into a web browser from an external machine it brings up the default
web page on my server.

> I suggest you
> try setting your isp's smtp server as the smart-host (sendmail term,
> don't know what exim calls it) and give it a try. 

Ok, I'll try that out when I get home.

> If you used to use
> sendmail, do you still have the working file? If so that
> will give you most of the information you need.

I may still have it. I'll have to check.

thx for the help!

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