Liam Gibbs wrote:

>Chris Hewitt wrote:
>>One quick test is to set up an email client (Netscape whatever) to talk
>>to sympatico's smtp server directly (leaving out your exim server). If
>>you can send mail from this then permissions to send are OK, and we look
>>around the Exim configuration.
>I have several Windows machines behind the firewall too which
>are able to do this so it must be Exim's configuration.
OK so routing and mail permissions are OK.

>I think my host does resolve properly because if you type
>into a web browser from an external machine it brings up the default
>web page on my server.
Yep. Hey, it the same as mine (when I'm on)!

>>If you used to use
>>sendmail, do you still have the working file? If so that
>>will give you most of the information you need.
>I may still have it. I'll have to check.
If so, maybe you want to go back to sendmail (not that I'm knocking 
exim). Some of the guys on the redhat-install-list are good email setup 
people if you don't get joy on the exim list.

>thx for the help!
You are welcome to my small bit of knowledge. Sorry to everyone else 
that this has got quite OT.


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