I have been developing with PHP for 1 year now, and about 1 month ago got DMX, I have 
to say that I spend much much less time on building forms and little repetitive work, 
and more on building applications. I would have to say that DMX increased my 
productivity by at least 5 times.(I suck at building forms because I spend to much 
time perfecting them)
There is an initial learning curve, because DMX does some things different from what I 
had known, and some weird behaviors at times, and it certainly cannot be your entire 
application builder but I can safely say that I love it.
Do not attempt to work with it if you do not have a fundamental understanding of PHP, 
because it has some weird quirks that I were hard to pinpoint for myself.
But for building dynamic drop down lists, and recordsets, and update pages, it is 
I wish they had built in some kind of form checker where you could say, "check this 
field because it is a date" and "check this field when submitted because it is 
I also wish you could customize your mysql error messages, instead every one of them 
ends in "or die(mysql_error())"
Maybe they do have these, and I have not yet found them, so forgive me if my 
statements are incorrect.( and help me cause I'd love them!)
Again, it won't do user error checking, and when forms get complicated you have to do 
some manual editing, and the errors are generic.
But it is certainly worth that money.


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I am looking for a good Development tool to write my PHP in and was
wondering what people are using out there.

I have been looking at Dreamweaver MX, Zend Studio 2.5 and phpEdit.
I know UltraDev 4 well with ASP, but the new MX now supports PHP.  This
MX/PHP any good?  Zend looks good with the integrated documentation and
debugging tools.

Thanks, Mark.
Mark McCulligh, Application Developer / Analyst
Sykes Canada Corporation
(888)225-6824 ex. 3262

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