>>>I want to be able to view a single log that contains the following:
>how about this curve...  getting PHP to append a line to the apache log.

How about reading the documentation?


>would much rather pump the clf formatted log sting directly into the appropriate
>apache log, but if I am not mistaken, using the above function would require
>permissions for user nobody(www, whatever) on the log files, no?

PHP is running as part of Apache.
PHP can ask Apache to write stuff into its own log.
That's one of the features of http://php.net/error_log

If you are running PHP as a CGI, this probably ain't gonna work, because, as
noted, you need access to those logs, and PHP running as a CGI is a separate
process and probably can't convince Apache that it's kosher to write into
its log files.  YMMV.

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