>>>>how about this curve...  getting PHP to append a line to the apache log.
>>>How about reading the documentation?
>>Deserved that for not being clear enough... see below.
>My apologies if I missed the word "access log" or even assumed you meant
>"error log" when you just said "log."    I shouldn't have.

RTFM never hurt anyone :)

>You're right, you can't do that, without opening up security more than you
>want to.
>There *probably* is an Apache function for access logs just like the error
>logging one that PHP is using, and you could *PROBABLY* patch PHP with some
>dead-easy copy&paste to use it, and you could even submit that worthy patch
>to the PHP Group.  I suspect it's not there only because nobody really saw a
>need for it.

I've never had a use for it untill now, wanting to charge a customer for massive
uploads via file_upload forms...  transfer that is not recorded in the apache
logs and therefor not collected for billable bandwidth (while still preserving
IP addresses and avoiding a ipfw counting per IP).  Probably a requirement with
limited scope.

>It's kinda icky that you'd almost have to use 4 (the next unused number) for
>"Apache access log" with 0 being "Apache error log" and 1,2,3 being other
>stuff between...  Maybe -1 for "access log"?  Ewwwww.  That's not 'right'
>either, but maybe it's 'less wrong' than 4.

icky, I agree

>Damn things shouldn't have been magic numbers in the first place.  Should be
>constants.  Hey, while you're in there, make up some decent constant names
>and let's migrate to them and then deprecate the magic numbers and fix it
>right :-)


>Another option might involve some sort of nasty named pipe stuff and
>redirection and whatnot, and you *MIGHT* be able to have a "file" that you
>error_log into, but it really just ends up going into the Apache log...
>There may be some risk of corrupting your access log, however, if any
>incredibly *HUGE* entry over-steps the atomicity threshold for file
>appending in Linux...

sounds like a nest of potential problems

>Not so sure it's a Good Idea anyway to have two programs trying to write to
>the same file at once if it can be avoided.

thus the interim solution of having PHP write to a seperate log file, then doing
a merge/sort during rotation time.

Will look into it to see if something can be presented without creating more
problems than the solution is worth.



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