>>how about this curve...  getting PHP to append a line to the apache log.
>How about reading the documentation?

Deserved that for not being clear enough... see below.

>>would much rather pump the clf formatted log sting directly into the
>>apache log, but if I am not mistaken, using the above function would require
>>permissions for user nobody(www, whatever) on the log files, no?
>PHP is running as part of Apache.
>PHP can ask Apache to write stuff into its own log.
>That's one of the features of http://php.net/error_log

error_log into the apache generated "httpd-error.log" (or whatever you like to
have it named) works just fine.
        error_log($fEntry,0); #success, entry appears in httpd-error.log

What I am trying to do is to append an entry to the bottom of the
"httpd-access.log" when the file upload succeeds to record the filesize etc...
when attempting to do so a permission error is generated since uid nobody(web
server) isn't allowed to write to the log file which is owned by the user (or
root, or whomever) in this case (safe mode restriction, and file permissions)

the safe mode restriction and file permissions are bypassed when writing to the
httpd-error.log file, as the command was evidently designed to do.  It does not
bypass when using
even though both files have the same ownership and permissions(644)...  the
command simply succeeds on the httpd-error.log and doesn't on the
httpd-access.log ...or more correctly on our server setup :)

Could remove safe mode and modify file permissions, but that requires opening up
security (and log editing by clients) to accomplish it.

Or am I missing something?



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