On 08/13/2002 12:09 PM, Justin French wrote:
> Just a quick note to see if anyone has any experience with mailing list
> managers.
> I've currently got a DB of subscribers, and basic PHP scripts are not going
> to be a good long-term solution.
> I was hoping that maybe there's an opensource or commercial product out
> there that I can install in my doc root (ie, PHP + MySQL support) which will
> handle this in a more effective manner (ie, space the mailout across an hour
> or so, etc etc).

You can do all in PHP if you do things more efficiently. One thing that 
you should avoid at all costs is personalization. Once you do that, you 
can just queue a single message to all subscribers, instead one per 

Another point is to have a DBM like database just to cache the 
subscribers addresses. Such databases are much faster to query than MySQL.


Manuel Lemos

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