on 14/08/02 4:00 AM, Manuel Lemos ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello,
> On 08/13/2002 12:09 PM, Justin French wrote:
>> Just a quick note to see if anyone has any experience with mailing list
>> managers.
>> I've currently got a DB of subscribers, and basic PHP scripts are not going
>> to be a good long-term solution.
>> I was hoping that maybe there's an opensource or commercial product out
>> there that I can install in my doc root (ie, PHP + MySQL support) which will
>> handle this in a more effective manner (ie, space the mailout across an hour
>> or so, etc etc).
> You can do all in PHP if you do things more efficiently. One thing that
> you should avoid at all costs is personalization. Once you do that, you
> can just queue a single message to all subscribers, instead one per
> subscriber.

Doesn't pose issues with some spam filters looking for obvious stuff like
2000 names in the Bcc header?

> Another point is to have a DBM like database just to cache the
> subscribers addresses. Such databases are much faster to query than MySQL.

By the same token, is a CSV file faster?

Justin French

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