on 14/08/02 10:25 AM, Manuel Lemos ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Of course not. Bcc headers are virtual. They do not get sent with
> messages that are delivered to any of the recipients. Do you seen any
> Bcc headers in this message that you got from this mailing list?

No, good point.  Maybe i'm confusing it with something else I've seen on
this list -- perhaps 2000 emails in the "To:" is the problem :)

So, Bcc is definitely an option -- the only problem I've now got is
personalisation.  I like to be able to provide detailed things such as:
You are subscribed as [EMAIL PROTECTED]  To unsubscribe, click on this link:
http://site.com/mail.phpaction=off&id=187 etc etc etc.

Even seeing your address in the "To:" can help you unsubscribe (I for
example have multiple address', so trying to unsubscribe from Bcc stuff is a
huge pain sometimes), and this isn't available with Bcc.

I think my ISP also puts a restriction of 100 address' per sent email... or
maybe that's just a rumour :)

Thanks for your help.


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