On 08/13/2002 10:00 PM, Justin French wrote:
>>Of course not. Bcc headers are virtual. They do not get sent with
>>messages that are delivered to any of the recipients. Do you seen any
>>Bcc headers in this message that you got from this mailing list?
> No, good point.  Maybe i'm confusing it with something else I've seen on
> this list -- perhaps 2000 emails in the "To:" is the problem :)

Or Cc:.

> So, Bcc is definitely an option -- the only problem I've now got is
> personalisation.  I like to be able to provide detailed things such as:
> "
> You are subscribed as [EMAIL PROTECTED]  To unsubscribe, click on this link:
> http://site.com/mail.phpaction=off&id=187 etc etc etc.
> "
> Even seeing your address in the "To:" can help you unsubscribe (I for
> example have multiple address', so trying to unsubscribe from Bcc stuff is a
> huge pain sometimes), and this isn't available with Bcc.

That is a much expensive solution because it forces you to queue 
separate messages for all recipients. Message generation will take 
period of time that is proportional (if not exponential) to the number 
of subscribers and it will take much more disk space in the local mailer 
queue because you will be queueing N distinct messages.

An alternative is to have an address to process subscription requests 
that is handled somehow by a PHP script that can lookup your subscriber 
list and provide automatic personalized assistance.

> I think my ISP also puts a restriction of 100 address' per sent email... or
> maybe that's just a rumour :)

That is a silly restriction that in reality means something else that 
usually is, for the money you are paying you are not allowed to do any 
sort of bulk mailing. If your ISP has that restriction, you'd better ask 
them if you can do any bulk mailing at all because I guess they don't 
want you to.


Manuel Lemos

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