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...and then Michael Sims said...
% On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 01:09:32 +1000, you wrote:
% >I was hoping that maybe there's an opensource or commercial product out
% >there that I can install in my doc root (ie, PHP + MySQL support) which will
% >handle this in a more effective manner (ie, space the mailout across an hour
% >or so, etc etc).
% Take a look at some of the dedicated mailing list managers, and see if

I would agree here.  Use a real mailing list manager instead of trying to
roll your own.

% perhaps you can modify them to get their subscriber list from your
% database.  EZMLM by all accounts is very nice, although I believe it
% requires Qmail.  Majordomo is another option.

While it doesn't truly *require* qmail, that's nonetheless a fairly
accurate statement.  It is, however, very robust and easy to use.

% If you don't want the complexity of those types of programs, look at
% some Perl-based solutions.  I've been learning Perl as time allows,
% and I've found that it's not too difficult if you're already a PHP
% person to pick up Perl.  A search on www.hotscripts.com or
% www.freshmeat.net may turn up something.

Absolutely agreed; the languages are very similar.  [Rumor has it that
php is perl-based or perl-inspired, but I haven't done any independent
digging to see one way or another -- and there are *some* noticeable


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