On Jul 5, 6:41 pm, "Simon Laws" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you have we could transfer it via the files section of the group but I
> notice that it's set at the moment so that only managers can upload files.
> We could do that via email and have one of the maintainers patch the code
> into the branch for all to see. But what does everyone think about how we
> should handle contributions like this. Should we have a separate place where
> people can put contributions (like the file section of the google group)?

We should use the bug tracker, with type=Feature.Change Request. I
can't remember if the tracker will let you attach a patch file, or if
you have to make the patch available somewhere else and point to it
from the bug report. If the latter, we can always open up the files
area, (and hope we don't let any spammers in).

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