Hi there, 

Unfortunate that you are stopping with the project. I'm just starting to 
use the project so I don't think it's my place to help out here (yet). 
However, to get in to the project I could really use access to the site. 
The domain is down currently, but maybe you could give a direct link to the 
server, so that we can still access the information on the website. 

It would be greatly appreciated! 
(Google Cache is not helping, since it is only showing the site with a lot 
of spam in it)

With kind regards, 

On Saturday, June 8, 2013 6:35:47 PM UTC+2, Willis Morse wrote:
> The piccolo2d.com piccolo2d.net and piccolo2d.org domains will expire in 
> 10 days. 
> I have been renewing and paying for these domains for a few years now. 
> I've been happy to help out with this project, but my circumstances have 
> changed lately and I will no longer be able to maintain these domains.It 
> would be great if someone here could take over ownership of them. 
> Sorry for the short notice; I just realized today that that they are 
> coming up for renewal.
> You can contact me directly at willi...@mac.com <javascript:>
> Thanks,
> Willis Morse

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