Hi Will,

Am 28.06.2013 um 16:38 schrieb Willis Morse <willismo...@me.com>:
> The domains expired a few days ago and I didn't want to risk losing it, so I 
> just now renewed piccolo2D.org for another year. The piccolo2D.org domain and 
> site is live again. I'm going to let .net and .com go unless you guys really 
> want them.

Goodbye ;-)

> I'd still like to transfer ownership of the .org domain over to one of you 
> guys, but now we have a little breathing room.

Awesome, thanks a lot - I opened 
https://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d/issues/detail?id=248 to discuss who's going 
to host from next year onwards.

> @Marcus - What do you mean by "KK" ?

hu - sorry, that's a domain transfer from one owner to another. I wasn't aware 
that it's actually a german term. 

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