Hi Tomas,

> you can find a prototype ffi generator at
> http://logand.com/mplisp/src/mod/ It should be fairly straitforward to
> understand how different types get converted between picolisp and C,
> e.g. =A0http://logand.com/mplisp/src/mod/ffi.l is the ffi generator and
> http://logand.com/mplisp/src/mod/gl.ffi is sample ffi binding for
> OpenGL.

Thanks a lot for this. I have questions:

1. What is the purpose of the ".ffi.fn" files?

2. After running ".ffi" to generate files, how should I build it so
that the functions can be called in PicoLisp? Do you have a sample
Make file?

3. For the type 'double', I see that you use box()/unBox() instead of
doubleToNum()/numToDouble(), why, any differences? That make me has
another question, what more functions that doubleToNum()/numToDouble()
do, as PicoLisp fixed-point is just a (big) integer?

By the way, http://logand.com/sw/mplisp.tar.gz do not exist (404).

Best regards,
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