Hi Henrik,

> An alternative that might suit all kinds of application developers could
> perhaps be a scaffolding script that generates the equivalent of choCuSu and
> saves it. This basic stupid thing could then be edited by hand if the goal
> is a traditional GUI or simply used as is if it is not.
> In fact the more I think about it the more I like the idea of a scaffolding
> script, I think I'll go that way instead.

Well, this actually is the way I'm going, too. For standard data, I use
a simple "master.l" file, which I use as a template, and edit it by hand
by replacing all upper case tokens and adding fields.

I attach it to this mail if anybody is interested. It allows me to
create the GUI for a new master data class within minutes. The 'choCLS'
function I usually move into a "gui.l" file in the app, if it needs to
be accessed from other places.

- Alex
# 20jan09abu
# (c) Software Lab. Alexander Burger

(must "TITLE" PERM)

(de choCLS (Dst)
   (diaform '(Dst)
      (<grid> "--."
         ,"Number" (gui 'nr '(+Focus +Var +NumField) '*CLSNr 10)
         (searchButton '(init> (: home query)))
         ,"Name" (gui 'nm '(+Var +TextField) '*CLSNm 30)
         (resetButton '(nr nm query)) )
      (gui 'query '(+QueryChart) (cho)
               @Nr (and *CLSNr (cons @ T))
               @Nm *CLSNm
               (select (@@)
                  ((nr +CLS @Nr) (nm +CLS @Nm))
                  (range @Nr @@ nr)
                  (tolr @Nm @@ nm) ) ) )
         '((This) (list This (: nr) This)) )
      (<table> 'chart (choTtl ,"ENTITIES" 'nr '+CLS)
         '((btn) (align "#") (NIL ,"Name"))
         (do (cho)
            (<row> (alternating)
               (gui 1 '(+DstButton) Dst)
               (gui 2 '(+NumField))
               (gui 3 '(+ObjView +TextField) '(: nm)) ) ) )
         (scroll (cho))
         (newButton T Dst '(+CLS)
            '(nr genKey 'nr '+CLS)
            'nm *CLSNm )
         (cancelButton) ) ) )

(menu ,"TITLE"
   (ifn *ID
         (<h3> NIL ,"Select" " " ,"ENTITY")
         (form 'dialog (choDlg NIL ,"ENTITIES" '(nm +CLS))) )
      (<h3> NIL ,"TITLE")
      (form NIL
         (<h2> NIL (<id> (: nm)))
         (panel T (pack ,"ENTITY" " '@1'") '(may Delete) '(choDlg NIL 
,"ENTITIES" '(nm +CLS)) 'nm '+CLS)
         (<grid> 2
            ,"Name" (gui '(+E/R +Cue +TextField) '(nm : home obj) ,"ENTITY" 40)
            ,"XXXX" (gui '(+E/R +NumField) '(xx : home obj) 40) )
         (<spread> NIL (editButton T)) ) ) )

# vi:et:ts=3:sw=3

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