On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:49:43PM +0100, Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> (panel T (pack ,"Customer/Supplier" " @1") '(may Delete) '(choCuSu) 'nr
> '+CuSu)
> The 'nr '+CuSu part, is it necessary, what is it used for in the panel, what
> happens if there is an +Entity without an increasing +Key +Number?

It generates the "<<<" and ">>>" links on the top right, which allow to
step to next and previous objects of the same type.

The attribute (here 'nr') and class (here '+CuSu') may specify _some_
index tree to locate these objects. This doesn't have to be a '+Key'
index, but can be any index that covers all desired objects.

Alternatively, this attribute/class combination might also specify a
'+Joint' relation that resolves to a (+List +Joint) on the other end. In
that case, the "<<<" and ">>>" links will refer to the next and previous
objects in that list in the referred object.

> (<table> 'chart (choTtl ,"Customers/Suppliers" 'nr '+CuSu)
> Here the number only seems to be used to generate a proper title, however
> the question is the same as above, could NIL be passed in a worst case
> scenario?

Yes, it generates a title like "12345 Customers/Suppliers", where the
count 12345 is taken from that index tree. So this attribute/class
combination should specify a '+Key' or '+Ref' index (but not an '+Idx',
as this holds more than one entry per object, resulting in a wrong

If you don't have any appropriate index, you could leave out 'choTtl'
and just pass the plain title ,"Customers/Suppliers" to '<table>'.

- Alex
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