Hi Alex,

Thanks for the help. I have made quite a few changes to adapt pico to
the plan9 compiler. I don't think there is a compiler flag that let me
align addresses. I have to search further or repeat the changes in the
bigpico and try to compile that. Anyway, have to wait till I get a
comfortable weekend or the next holiday. :-)


-- Vijay

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 11:27 AM, Alexander Burger <a...@software-lab.de> wro=
> Hi Vijay,
>> I've been trying to port PicoLisp to Plan9
> Great! :)
>> (http://plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9/). The code compiled but the binary
>> fails at startup because of the following check in boxSubr(fun f):
>> =A0 =A0 =A0 if (num(f) & 3)
>> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0giveup("Unaligned function");
> I see. This is miniPicoLisp. For reasons of internal tag bits, it is
> necessary that those functions start at an address aligned to a multiple
> of four.
> Do you know if there is some compile time flag, e.g. some optimization
> parameter, which could guarantee that? Another option might be to first
> compile to assembly language, do some processing on the asm file
> (inserting 'align' statements), and then compile to final object code.
> BTW, the "full" picoLisp doesn't have that restriction. Do you think it
> is possible to port that version?
> Cheers,
> - Alex
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