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On Sunday 19 of September 2010 20:57:45 you wrote:
> > To clear it up, i use the `Plan 9 from User Space' (i.e., the tools
> > ported to POSIX).
> I've tried that one too, very interesting;-)
> > It took me a few (3?) months to learn to use Acme efficiently.
> Wow, Acme seems like a great proof of concept but I can't imagine doing
> anything effectively using it. 

A piece of casual evidence: I'm using Acme as the only editor at work, the 
boss is happy with my performance.

Consider giving a try another editor, `sam'; also included in Plan 9 from User 

Sam seems to be more vi-like, with similar commands issued by hand in a 
similar way. I think sam was an evolutionary step between the vi and current 

Sam was developed by the same Rob Pike who later on developed the Acme. There 
are some strong similarities -- like the regexp based text editing language, 
heave reliance on the mouse, ability to work with remote & local system 
seamlessly etc. -- but also some differences. IMO, Acme is more refined and 
practical than sam -- but that's not to say sam is any bad. It was popular 
back in its day. 

> The concept of the plumber is really neat though.

It sure is ^_^
Makes you wonder why the simple things like plumber are so complicated 

Acme yields greatly to scripting. Virtually all actions can be performed by 
script by sending textual commands to file associated with Acme windows 
Together with the plumber it provides for easy implementations of file browsing 
for remote computers, email and IRC use, opening various files in proper 
viewers etc.

Smart right-click basically turns any text into hypertext. F.e., when you 
right-click on printf(3), it opens the relevant manpage.

> How would you get syntax highlighting in acme, for
> example?

There's no support for it, AFAIK.

It may help to use custom font with Acme. You need to pre-render it to Plan 9 
format; described on the net.

Slightly related, there's parenthesis matching in Acme for ( { [ and <. If you 
double-click on one parenthesis, it highlights the tech between it and 
matching parenthesis (if any).

> > Acme takes a three-buttoned mouse, preferably with a scroll. It's
> > pretty important to have all three physical buttons, since a lot is
> > done via chording two buttons.
> I think the mouse is show-stopper for me.  I've been trying to eliminate
> mouse from my life completely.

As a programmer I use mouse much more than the graphic designer I work with. 
He needs keyboard much more. Both of us are productive. Go figure.

> > No DLL hell.  Programs (and thus processes) and libraries are very
> > small.  Greater percentage of code & data fits in CPU cache. Less
> > indirect & more direct data access & code calls/jumps. etc. etc.  and
> > it avoids the worst bane of DLL so far:
> > http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/dynamic-linking/versioned-symbols
> Yes, that's definitely nice.  Rather different approach to building
> software components than on any other systems I know.

Somebody bemoaned a decade ago that `Systems Software Research is
Irrelevant' -- that there's a big stagnation in the field, and POSIX is 
considered as good as it may ever get. Oh well.


Hope you'll find some fun with P9 :)

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