Hi Mateusz,

> To clear it up, i use the `Plan 9 from User Space' (i.e., the tools
> ported to POSIX).

I've tried that one too, very interesting;-)

> It took me a few (3?) months to learn to use Acme efficiently.

Wow, Acme seems like a great proof of concept but I can't imagine doing
anything effectively using it.  The concept of the plumber is really
neat though.  How would you get syntax highlighting in acme, for

> Acme takes a three-buttoned mouse, preferably with a scroll. It's
> pretty important to have all three physical buttons, since a lot is
> done via chording two buttons.

I think the mouse is show-stopper for me.  I've been trying to eliminate
mouse from my life completely.

> No DLL hell.  Programs (and thus processes) and libraries are very
> small.  Greater percentage of code & data fits in CPU cache. Less
> indirect & more direct data access & code calls/jumps. etc. etc.  and
> it avoids the worst bane of DLL so far:
> http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/dynamic-linking/versioned-symbols

Yes, that's definitely nice.  Rather different approach to building
software components than on any other systems I know.


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