Hi Mathew,

On Thursday 02 September 2010 13:52:32 you wrote:
> Thanks for the help. I have made quite a few changes to adapt pico to
> the plan9 compiler. I don't think there is a compiler flag that let me
> align addresses. I have to search further or repeat the changes in the
> bigpico and try to compile that. Anyway, have to wait till I get a
> comfortable weekend or the next holiday. :-)

I think you could create a C program that reads symbols & their values from a 
compiled (and possibly linked) executable and writes a new executable with 
functions aligned `by hand' to desired value. There is a bunch of functions in 


which let you read and write symbols from & to files.

BTW., great initiative, to have picoLisp ported to P9 :)

Mateusz Jan Przybylski

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