Hi Tomas,

> Why does your code
>    (java Label 'addMouseListener
>       (interface "java.awt.event.MouseListener"
>          'mouseClicked '((Ev) (setq Dir (if (= 1 Dir) 12 1)))
>          'mouseEntered nil
>          'mouseExited nil
>          'mousePressed nil
>          'mouseReleased nil ) )
> have all those nil cases?  Is that necessary?

I would prefer if it were not necessary. But an interface like
MouseListener requires the implementation of all methods. I think I got
a runtime error if I didn't supply all methods. And I didn't investigate
how to implement MouseAdapters which are classes and cannot be handled
by 'interface'.

Do you have an idea? On the other hand I don't worry too much if I
simply supply empty methods (this could be encapsulated in a function).

- Alex
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