Hi Doug,

> Is there a way I can make (mini)PicoLisp give me line numbers from .l source 
> files in error messages?  There are lots of gnu and/or linux tools (like vim) 
> and IDEs etc., that want error messages in a format similar to what gcc spits 
> out, like:
> Baz.cpp:321: error: 'foobar' was not declared in this scope
> (I poked around in the code and on the site looking, but missed it if it is 
> there.)

All other PicoLisp implementations (64-bits, 32-bits and Ersatz) have
this feature. They keep track of the file name and line number in the
'inFile' structure (or LineNumberReader in case of Java).

For MiniPicoLisp this is difficult, because it uses plain stdio instead
of a dedicated 'inFile' structure.

- Alex
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