Hi Doug,

> I need to use Windows without cygwin dlls for an application I'm
> working on now. So, I had been using miniPicoLisp in my application,

I understand.

> which compiles ok under mingw. That let me avoid even trying to compile
> regular PicoLisp using mingw, and the porting issues that would involve.

> But now I might have to take a look at trying PicoLisp with mingw. I
> know the file locking will probably be an issue, but not sure what else
> might be a snag with PicoLisp under mingw.

Yes. Unfortunately we couldn't solve the problem with fcntl(), even
under cygwin (don't know if the situation would be better today).

But I'm afraid that there will be many other problems. Especially
select(), fork() and pipe() issues come to mind.

> On the other hand, I was able to hack in some support for line numbers
> and file names for error messages in miniPicoLisp, relatively quickly.

That's good to hear!

- Alex
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