Hi Randall,

> > Indeed, this looks quite similar. The 'select' in "winsock2.h" seems to
> > be modeled closely to the POSIX version.
> Yes, select() is basically the same as for POSIX, but ONLY for sockets.
> It won't work on files or the keyboard under MS-Win. There are ways
> around this, but it usually involves breaking out of select, polling the
> keyboard, and going back to select. Ugh!

Hmm, another killer :(

> The PicoLisp family of processes could easily be achieved under Windows
> using mmap-ed shared memory, IPC, and spawn()s to get it all started. It
> is just a different model than the old fork() mechanism of UNIX. It
> might be worth looking into for PicoLisp as a future enhancement, then a
> PicoLisp family of processes could be shared between separate 
> computers, a la Erlang. 

Yes, that's interesting. I don't want to care about Windows (Windows is
obsolete in all interesting segments, remaining only on the desktop),
but in fact I was experimenting with mmap'ed versions of PicoLisp in the

- Alex
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