Hi Tomas,

> I don't (unfortunately) agree with the statement:
>    Windows is obsolete in all interesting segments, remaining only on
>    the desktop
> It appears to me that it's significantly more relevant then any bsd or
> sparc ports.  Well, I kind of agree with the statement only because I
> have no interest in running windows unless there is a good commercial
> reason for the effort.

Sure, if you consider the sheer number of installations and users.

When talking about "interesting segments", I meant that the major
battlefields these days are either in the smartphones and tablet area,
with server (cloud) systems, or - traditionally (also in terms of sheer
numbers), but largely unnoticed by the consumer - embedded systems. The
desktop is losing importance.

Especially for embedded systems PicoLisp might still have unexplored
potential (right, Jakob?), but also for distributed databases.

- Alex
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