Hi Jakob,

> =C2=A0Then a good chunk of examples using foreign libraries would help a lo=
> t.
> Seeing is believing. A little picolisp editor using gnome libs and gtk,
> an SDL game, a web client using CURL libraries and so on.

No. Not at all. I think this is a typical misunderstanding of the
PicoLisp spirit.

What would a "little picolisp editor" help to increase the popularity of
PicoLisp? You know about the editor wars? Why reinvent the wheel? You
can perfectly call 'vi', 'emacs' or any other editor you like from
within or without PicoLisp.

An SDL game is not a library, it is an application. That's fine. But
also not something like a killer app for PicoLisp, IMHO.

SDL itself is written in C. So you can USE it, right? Not reinvent the

BTW, speaking of C-libraries like SDL: If you claim that PicoLisp lacks
libraries, then you must say the same about C. Virtually any C-library
can be called in PicoLisp.

Using 'curl' is what I do in almost every application. Again, why
reinvent the wheel and write a _library_? I find myself quite often

   (in (list 'curl "-s" "-l" ...


   (call 'curl "-T" ...)

or whatever you like. In rosettacode.org you find also examples where
'curl' is called from PicoLisp:


- Alex
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