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> OK, I understand.
> The language is not useful or usable, and the "Community" (I count 70
> members in this list) is silent.
To me it's very useful and interesting, or I would not have spent so much
time making miniPicoLisp work for my program on 4 different operating
systems. I am convinced this will pay off in reduced development time
for me, even though it meant a slower start vs just continue writing
it all in C or C++.   
Don't confuse the silence of the majority for consent, one way or another,
it's like politics. The most vocal proponents of any standpoint, are not
likely to represent any majority.  And I haven't even touched on the
possibility that the majority can be wrong. Right or wrong or correct
or useful is not decided in a popularity contest.   
PicoLisp is old, but 
PicoLisp in a sense is very new - in the area where I personally see most
potential (embedded in embedded hardware and embedded in programs), it has
had a proprietary friendly license only since 2010. On the server it gained
a 64 bit port only in 2009 and for reference and research a Java version 2010.
Super easy library calling also came with the 64 bit version. 
Given these parameters, I think PicoLisp has come a long way in a short time.
I have more thoughts, but I don't want to dilute my main message. 
best regards,
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