I have to agree with Alex here. This language has its place and is very
useful in that place. I am currently doing embedded in C, and have no
choice about what to use. But I have to say, I in very much in favor of
the succinctness of PicoLisp and its ability to link with any library.
If someone, Henrik, wants to use something else that is great, if you,
Henrik, want to enhance PicoLisp with distributed databases, that would
be great, too. I don't find any problems with PicoLisp, for what it is

Keep going Alex! And Happy Birthday!

On Sun, Jan 22, 2012, at 08:42 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
> OK, I understand.
> The language is not useful or usable, and the "Community" (I count 70
> members in this list) is silent.
> -- 
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