I have a porting-related question for you. 

After more android testing I'm finding a problem with (transient) variables  
... (I think).

When I try a definition like this,

(de foo (x) x)

no problem,

(foo 123)

returns 123 as expected.

But when I try it this way:

(de baz ("X") "X")

(baz 123)

I should get 123 but instead I get:


However, if I try 

(setq "V" 456)

at the top level (not in a definition) that works as expected, and evaluating 
"V" later returns 456

I wonder why it might not see "X" as a transient?  (Er, I'm not even sure if 
"transient" is the the right terminology here.)

Does anything leap out at you there?  :-) 




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