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>  I like having the possibility to make use of Java solutions (e.g. the
>  Swing GUI) from Ersatz PicoLisp, but please don't tell anyone that "it
>  allows you to integrate with any legacy system" before we have done any
>  such integration at all! Feel free to give us an example. ;-)
I have not. I meant, that this is a possible direction to get more jobs.
> > I have until now ignored the state of the art with regards to the
> > Java
> > flavor of PicoLisp, but when reading about your job peril, I take
> > more
> > interest in it, since I have found that the "Java" word opens doors.
> > In this case it actually is a blessing that that "Java" is such an
> > ambiguous word  -  is it "Java"?  Yes, it runs on the Java runtime.
> > Check.
>  Do we really want to "sell" PicoLisp that way?
Why not?  Really, marketing is about getting attention. Attention span
is short. I think they will be glad to discover that PicoLisp is so
much more than just a "Java appendage" like so many other languages.
What a happy surprise if Groovy, Clojure, Ceylon, Coldfusion, Joy,
and Scala all had standalone runtimes independent of any JVM!
But PicoLisp does!
>  How quickly do you think you could get an Ersatz PicoLisp based Android
>  app out? And how would that dev. time compare to what it would take to
>  write a similar app in plain old Java?
Again - I did not mean to misrepresent anything. That would take me some
time, for sure. But I would imagine if A. Burger made one app like that,
the second would be way faster. Possibly it would not even entail a
recompile... :-)
>  If Ersatz PicoLisp should be fit for writing the stuff that you're
>  thinking of, then I think you would need some way to extend existing
>  Java classes, and override existing methods. I don't think this is
>  possible today. Please inform me if I'm wrong.
I don't know these things... but it could gain those capabilities,
nothing in PicoLisp inherently stops it. 
Or add PicoLisp to the list of languages supported by ASE:
I am trying to brainstorm ways for people (Burger) to make a living
with PicoLisp as a tool.
best regards,
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