It seems I've exposed my PicoLisp ignorance again ... Most of the
functions in picoLisp/ersatz/lib.l, or possibly all except 'javac', are
quite well explained in the regular docs.


>  Hi again,
>  There were two functions in the Image_Noise example that I should have
>  known better: 'javac' and 'task'.
>  Now I've found both of them in picoLisp/ersatz/lib.l, along with a
>  bunch of other functions that I'm sure would be nice to know. It
>  shouldn't be too hard to figure out what some of them are meant to do,
>  but for quite a few of them it could be useful (for me) with a line or
>  two of explanation. I understand that I cannot call myself a PicoLisp or
>  Ersatz expert unless I know these functions. ;-)
>  /Jon


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