Hi Alex,

> Hi Jon,
>>  thinking of, then I think you would need some way to extend existing
>>  Java classes, and override existing methods. I don't think this is
>>  possible today. Please inform me if I'm wrong.
> Well, yes and no ;-)
> After all, why (again) re-invent the wheel, if all necessary mechanisms
> of Java are there already?

I guess I must have overlooked something ... ;-)

> ErsatzLisp comes with a mechanism to call "native" inline Java, much the
> same way as the other PicoLisp versions do with inline C.
> This is done via the 'javac' function. An example can be found in
>    http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Image_Noise#PicoLisp
> Cheers,
> - Alex

I see! I wasn't aware of that powerful 'javac' function. Maybe you should
mention it here:

Thanks for this very useful info! I'll start using it quite soon.


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