Alexander Burger <> writes:

Hi Alex,

>> out of curiosity I did a little speedtest with PicoLisp and Emacs Lisp
> Many thanks for doing this test! And for the extensive description of
> how to set it up.

Since these are my two main tools, I was always interested in how they
perform relative to each other. 

> A note about the wiki-link in the mail:
> It is not a good idea to make a copy of a link in the wiki while one is
> in a session (logged in), because both the port (46850) and the
> session-ID (62704437697738713) in the URL are only valid during that
> session.
> The right link would be
> You can get it if you click on the "Log out" link, and then navigate to
> that page again.

I knew something was wrong when I pasted the link, since there was a
long discussiion about PicoLisp links here not so long ago - but it was
already quite late when I posted so I did not investigate. Thanks for
the tip.



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