Christophe Gragnic
<> writes:

> I was thinking trying to learn PicoLisp while reading Successful Lisp
> (I already read the official PicoLisp tuto once):
> The plan was to read and translate the examples in PicoLisp.
> I planned to do this during the summer but:
> 1) summer is half finished and I only read 4 chapters without writing
> a line of code.
> 2) some reviewing from Alex or others would have been needed for a
> serious publication.
> If ever I have something to share, even after the publication, I'll share.

I still have to figure out the detailles of book-on-demand
self-publishing on a world-wide scale (most likely with Amazon?), but I
know them quite well for national publishers here in Germany, and it
shouldn't be that expensive (hopefully), so, who knows, there might be a
second edition e.g. after 2 years - with new material and corrections.



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